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A memory management program for the Japanese model Yaesu VX-8G handheld transceiver. For non-Japanese models of the VX-8G please use FTBVX8G.

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Copyright 2014 G R Freeth

A screenshot of editing a memory

Change History

V1.0.6 Oct 2014 Bugfix: A user specified tuning step was being ignored when importing
V1.0.5 Feb 2014  Add a Settings menu option to not ask 'are you sure' before deleting/removing memories
 Add a Help command to show the repeater information page of the G4HFQ website
 Add an option to calculate the TX frequency when exporting in Custom format
V1.0.4 Aug 2012 Add a new command 'Show a taller grid height' to the Settings menu
V1.0.3 May 2011 Bugfix: correct missing bank 6 when exporting in VX6 Comander format.
V1.0.2 Jan 2011 Add: a printer selection dialog; automatically set an appropriate tuning step if required; a new command to display memories with frequencies that can not be achieved on the radio.
V1.0.1 Jan 2011 Bugfix: memory descriptions were not being saved; Japanese characters in memory descriptions were corrupted after using the Undo command
V1.0.0 Jan 2011 Initial release