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Summary of VR-5000 setup notes

Speeds of 4800 baud and 9600 baud work OK. It is believed that the VR-5000 does not work at 57600 baud . This is thought to be a fault with the receiver.

You need a null modem cable (plug A pin 2 connects to plug B pin 3; plug A pin 3 connects to plug B pin 2; plug A pin 5 connects to plug B pin 5 - all assuming 9 pin D-type connectors).

The VR-5000 is sensitive to delays at the PC when reading and writing with the serial communications port. Run the COM port at the highest speed your receiver will accept - 9600 preferably. Make sure your PC does not have other tasks running that could slow down program operation. For laptops in particular, turn off all power management actions that will slow the computer e.g. turning off the hard disk, slowing down the processor etc.

Note that if you do a RESET of the VR-5000 it will revert to its default speed of 4800 baud. You will have to change it back to 9600 baud if that is your normal operating speed.