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What does it do?

FTBVR5K V2 is a memory management program for the Yaesu VR-5000 receiver. 

This release enables you to:
  • backup/restore of the cloneable memory in the Yaesu VR-5000 receiver.
  • modify memory, bank and PMS definitions
  • add, mask, unmask and delete memory definitions
  • add bank definitions
  • add, mask and unmask PMS definitions
  • sort memories by frequency or name
  • analyse and report on duplicate frequencies
  • import frequencies using a CSV file
  • export frequencies to a CSV file
  • move memories between banks and channels.
  • print the 2000 general memories, 100 banks and 50 PMS entries.
  • configure the VR-5000's Set Config settings
  • configure the S.CALL station names and frequencies

    For those who only want to back/restore their memories there is available a free program FTBVR5K V1 on the website.