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A memory management program for the Yaesu VR-5000 receiver.

G R Freeth (G4HFQ)

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Post:   9 South Avenue, New Milton, Hampshire  BH25 6EY, United Kingdom

Copyright 2003 - 2014 G R Freeth

A screenshot of the program doing a write back to the VR-5000

Change History

V2.2.4 Mar 2014 Improve PMS memory decoding to avoid Error 9 messages.
V2.2.3 May 2011 Add a printer selection dialog
V2.2.2 Jul 2010 Performance improvement when reading/writing disk files, especially over a network
V2.2.1 Jan 2010 Add: new columns for DSP values
V2.2.0 Nov 2009 Refreshed with a new 3 year digital certificate.
V2.2.0 Sep 2009 Add: sort by a user selected range; support for Com ports 17-32.
V2.1.9 Apr 2009 Change: improve compatibility with certain Prolific USB drivers to avoid 8020 errors.
V2.1.8 Feb 2007 Add: option to show darker grid lines. Change: move tabs to the top of the window.
V2.1.7 Dec 2006 Add: additional error checking when saving files. Change: use a different software installer program; digitally sign the executable and installer .exe files.

V2.1.6 Nov 2006 Add: Com ports 9 to 16; command to specify a folder for storing memory and .CSV files. Change: use a different screen font; Help file format is now .CHM instead of .HLP

V2.1.5 Oct 2005 Add Open command to File menu; show Username on Help/About window. Bugfix: error 381 if right-click outside memory grid.

V2.1.4 Jul 2005. Change import logic to force the decimal point to the same as the input locale; allow case insensitive CSV import for the tuning step field; bugfix: if the last saved file was on a removable device, and on the next restart of the program that device contained no media, then the program failed.

V2.1.3 Mar 2005. Add link to downloads page in the help menu, add Find text/Find next commands, add first time use screen, automatically open the last file used when the program starts, add commands to save the screen size and position.

V2.1.2 Oct 2004. Changed the Import/Export CSV file to add an optional field for Tuning Step. Added a facility to automatically choose mode and frequency when the frequency of VFO A is changed and to round down the tuning step for FMN frequencies to avoid the rig rounding up the frequency to a multiple of the tuning step. Similar logic is now applied during Import if the mode is not specified by the user.

V2.1.1 Jun 2004.  Bugfix: Error if bank 1 created, and then followed immediately by an import.

V2.1.0 Sep 2003.  Add print of Config and BC frequencies

V2.0.9 Aug 2003.  Adds the ability to export in FTBasic format. Removes the ability to write back to the rig if not registered

V2.0.8 May 2003.  Adds the ability to change the S.CALL station names and frequencies

V2.0.7 May 2003.  Adds the ability to configure the rig's Set Config settings.

V2.0.6 May 2003.  Changes the format of the saved image file. To read image files produced by V2.0.6 you must use V2.0.6 or later. All previous versions of the program cannot interpret the new file format.

V2.0.5 May 2003.  Adds the ability to add, mask and unmask PMS entries, add a bank, sort memories by frequency or name, find duplicate frequencies, import frequencies from a CSV file, export frequencies to a CSV file

V2.0.4 April 2003.  Adds the ability to add, delete, mask and unmask memory entries, and to move memory entries between banks and channels.

V2.0.3 April 2003.  Adds the ability to modify existing PMS entries, and print Bank details and PMS details.

V2.0.2 April 2003.  Adds the ability to modify existing bank names, bank scanning parameters, and a printout of the 2000 general memories.

V2.0.1 Mar 2003. Initial release provides a backup/restore facility for the VR-5000 and the ability to modify existing memory definitions.