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Connection to the radio

The transceiver should be connected to the computer in accordance with the rig's operating instruction manual. The appropriate connecting lead must be used.   

Please note: although the FT-857 and FT-897 radios can operate CAT control through the Mic socket you cannot perform memory management this way - the firmware does not support it. You must use the 8-pin mini-din socket at the rear of the radio.

The Links page of the website lists sources of ready-made cables that can be ordered over the Internet.


If you have a FT-847 you need a null modem cable with a female connector at the radio end. 

Assuming plug A to be the radio end of the cable: 

plug A pin 2 connected to plug B pin 3
plug A pin 3 connected to plug B pin 2
plug A pin 5 connected to plug B system ground (pin 5 for a 9 pin plug, or pin 7 for a 25 pin plug).

If you have a FT-897, FT-897D, FT-857, FT-857D, FT-818ND, FT-817ND or FT-817 you need a TTL to RS232 level converter.

The Yaesu cable is a CT-62 but there are many designs for DIY. 
If you are not up to soldering neatly, just buy a ready made cable.

COM port and speed

Selection of Com port number and speed is done from the initial screen. All rigs except the FT-847 use 9600 baud for clone operation regardless of the CAT operation speed. The FT-847 can clone at either 9600 or 57600 baud.

Detecting the COM port number

On the Tools menu there is a command called 'COM port Detector'. This will assist in determining which COM port your radio is connected to - particularly helpful with USB attachment of the programming cable.

Click the command 'COM port Detector' and the following screen is shown:

Follow the on-screen instructions to detect and set the COM port for your programming cable. Be aware that each USB socket on your PC may be allocated a different COM port number, so you might need to use this screen again if you change your usual socket.

If you have an FT-847 then click the button to show the usage instructions for that radio.