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Import/Export of memories

Import and Export allows you to read or create memory definition files in a format that can be easily read by other programs, such as spreadsheets and word-processors. These files contain ONLY memory definitions and do NOT contain everything that is required for 'cloning' into a real radio.  

The file format is called Comma Separated Variables (CSV), and the format of the data used by FTBasicMMO is shown here.  The CSV Memory file editor can also create and use these CSV files.

If you wish to prepare your own file for import using a spreadsheet such as Excel then the easy way to get the correct header information is to Export your existing memories to a .CSV file. This will include the correct format header file as well as at least one sample memory. The format of the various fields is in this Help file section 'CSV Memory file format'. When you have finished editing your Excel spreadsheet then save in .CSV file format.

Preparing to Import or Export

Open the editing window by clicking the picture of the radio you want to manage.

Before you can Import or Export a CSV file you must first load a valid total radio image. This is done by either reading the image directly from the radio using the Read <rigtype> button, or by loading a previously saved image using the Read Disk File button.

Exporting to a CSV file

To Export the memories click the Export CSV button.  Follow the usual actions for saving a file. A header record is written as the first row so that you can identify what is in each column. The first item of each row written contains the memory number. This can optionally be used to reload a memory into the same place when you do an Import.

To get an example of the header record needed in the CSV file, perform an export of your present memories and open the CSV file in a spreadsheet program.

Importing from a CSV file

To Import to the memories currently shown in the grid click the Import CSV button.  The following small window is shown:

If you want the imported file to replace all of the current memories then tick the checkbox 'Clear all before import'. Otherwise the CSV records are added to Empty memory slots only, leaving existing memories intact.

If you want to import into specific memory numbers (and the CSV file records actually contain valid numbers) you can tick the checkbox 'Use imported mem numbers'.

The default memory number to start import to is number 1. If you want to choose some other position then type in the starting number.

If you only want to preview the CSV file then click the button 'Choose a file to preview'.

If you want to perform an import then click the buton 'Choose a file to import'.

The Import process is a two stage process. The import file is read and validated before attempting to apply any updates. If any problem is found then a message window is opened showing each error found. You get the option to try and load a file even if there are errors. 

After the Import is complete you can make further editing changes if you wish and then either save to disk (as an image file) or write the image to the radio.