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Program Settings

Click on the Options menu and choose the Settings command to show the settings screen. 

Changing the tuning step rate of the SEL knob (not FT-847)

One of the items held in each memory is the tuning step rate to be used for every click of the SEL knob. You can specify the step rate to be used per mode per band. First choose the Rig button number; then choose which band is to be defined by clicking the appropriate radio button; then choose the step rate for each mode from the drop-down boxes.

Clearing the IPO flag (not FT-847)

There is no program means of setting the IPO flag on a memory-by-memory basis. You can, however, clear all IPO flags to the Off setting when reading either directly from the radio or from a disk file by ticking the check-box Clear IPO in the Tuning step section of the screen.

Grid font size

Provides a choice of font size in the grids.

Memory grouping (not for FT-847)

When ticked shows the memory grid grouped in blocks of 20 memories. This shows which memories are in groups when the radio's MEM GROUP option is chosen.

OK or Cancel

Click the OK button to save the settings, or the Cancel button to ignore any changes made.