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When I start a Spectrum Scan nothing much seems to happen

This is usually because the Delays are not set up properly for your rig. You should see vertical bars with the height being proportional to the signal strength.

If you know there are signals there but no vertical bars appear, follow the procedure below to adjust the Delays.

Tick the Delays checkbox at the bottom of the screen. You should then see three sliders appear.

Set the S-meter delay to about 40 or 50 milliseconds. This will allow the AGC time to settle before trying to read the S-meter setting.

Set the Cmd delay to 0 (30 for the VR-5000)

Set the Extra delay to 250

Set the spectrum start frequency to a busy band (say 7.0 MHz in Europe), leave the step and width at the default settings, and start a sweep. 

If vertical bars appear immediately then your rig is capable of running with zero delay. Slowly increase the command delay until you see vertical bars appear in the spectrum area. Usually a good position is a little after the bars first appear.  

When you have got the bars showing reliably, stop the spectrum scan and try rapidly changing bands with the band buttons. If all is well you should move directly to the frequency set for each band. If you see any 'phantom' frequencies appear (typically 10 MHz) then the delay is not quite enough for your rig. Increase it a little and try again.

This might sound a bit complex, but in practice it is very simple and only takes a minute or two.