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Interfacing FTBCAT with other programs

FTBCAT stores certain operating information in the Windows registry for access by other programs. This information is continuously updated and may be read at any time.

The location in the registry is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\FTBCATRegKey

FTBCATRegKey is either "FTBCAT" or, if multiple configurations are used, the configuration name as defined in Multiple rigs and/or configurations.

SaveSetting FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Frequency", Frequency
SaveSetting FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Mode", Mode
SaveSetting FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Date", DateStamp
SaveSetting FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Time", TimeStamp
SaveSetting FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "RigType", ""
SaveSetting FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Status", ""
SaveSetting FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "GotSignal", "False"

The fields are all character, and the formats are:

Status "Inactive" or "Active"
RigType "FT100" or "FT817" or "FT847" or "FRG100" etc.
Frequency "" e.g. 145.575.00
Mode "cccc" e.g. CW, FM, LSB etc
Date "yyyy/mm/dd" e.g. 2001/06/30
Time "hh:mm:ss" e.g. 15:37:57
GotSignal "False" or "True"

This information may be read in another program using the following code:

Frequency = GetSetting (FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Frequency", "")
Mode = GetSetting (FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Mode", "")
DateStamp = GetSetting (FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "DateStamp", "")
TimeStamp = GetSetting (FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "TimeStamp", "")
RigType = GetSetting (FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "RigType", "")
Status = GetSetting (FTBCATRegKey, "CurrentValues", "Status", "")