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Recording audio

Recording and playback is available provided you have a sound card and a connection from the rig.  If you run SSTV or the like you may well already have such a connection.  Suffice it to say that suitable precautions should be taken when connecting the rig to the sound card. 

Try to get the best matching for signal level and impedance and consider DC isolation between the two.  Do not, for example, try to feed the speaker output directly into the microphone socket!  The author uses the FT-847 fixed level 20mV 10K output on the ring of the Data In/Out stereo jack socket into the mic-in socket of an AWE64 Gold sound card.  This output has also been used into the line-in socket via a small AF amplifier.

Access to the Recording screen is available by clicking the Record button which is to the right of the Frequency List.  This button is only active when rig control has been turned On, and is not active when the Spectrum Scan is running.  

The recording screen runs at the same time as the main control screen, so you can still tune, scan etc while recording.

Screen Description

Prepare prepares the system for recording

Save enables a recording to be saved for later playback

Player a convenience that starts the Windows sound recorder so you can replay previously recorded files

Volume a convenience that starts the Windows volume control so that you can adjust record/playback levels

Close closes the Recording screen

8/16 8 bit or 16 bit recording

11025 etc samples per second

Dropdown Wave Input Devices in your system. You may have
box more than one, and can select which to use for recording

Data rate the number of K/bytes per second you will record

Squelch checked means you will record only when the squelch is lifted

Multimedia Control

1st button go back to start of recording
2nd button start playing
3rd button pause recording/playing
4th button stop recording/playing
5th button start recording


Decide if the default settings for Bits and Sample Rate are what you want.  If not, then change them.  Changing any item automatically opens the multimedia recording facility.

Click the Squelch checkbox if you only want to record when the squelch is lifted.

If you have not made any changes to Bits and Sample Rate, then click Open to ready the multimedia recording facility.  You need to click the Open button before you re-start any recording.

If you want to adjust the recording level you can start the Windows Volume Control by clicking on the Volume button.

Click the 5th button, a big dot, to start recording

When you have finished recording click the 4th button, a solid square.  The recorded wave file is held within the system in a temporary file, and you can now either save the file or replay it without saving it.

Replaying a recording just made but not saved

To replay a recording just made but not yet saved first click on the 1st button, a triangle pointing left, and then click on the 2nd button, a triangle pointing right.

To stop playing click the 4th button, a solid square.

Replaying a recording that has been saved to a file

FTBCAT does not internally provide a wave file playing facility.  Instead, you can click on the Player button to start the Windows Recorder application, and open and replay files from there.