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Timed Events

Timed Events Enable you to set a schedule of specific frequencies and modes for your radio to follow. Typical applications are automatically switching a radio to different SW radio stations at different times of the day.

The schedule is created in a text file called TimedEvents.txt and each record has the following format:

HHMM, Frequency, Mode


1259, 13.070, AM
1350, 145.500, FMN
1500, 3.763, LSB

HHMM is the time in UTC

Frequency is the desired frequency in MHz

Mode is the desired mode; varies by radio. AM, FM, FMN, WFM, CW etc. Check the available mode buttons when the program is set to your radio model.

If the file TimedEvents is not found when the program is started you get a message: "The TimedEvents.txt file is missing or empty. All timed activities are disabled."

If the file is there then it is loaded and a Timed Events drop-down box is populated with the entries.

To the right of the drop-down box is a button labelled Timed. If it is grey then the timed events are suspended.

Click the Timed button to enable the events (it shows green when enabled) and click it again to disable the events. 

When the events are enabled the program goes into a 1 second polling loop and forces the frequency and mode to match the specification in the loaded events. The times are in UTC.

If the events are disabled (the Timed button is grey) you can display the drop-down list and click on one to tune your radio. This is like having another set of spot frequencies you can choose from.