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Permanent Click Set and Manually Set memories

On the main screen there are six sets of permanent memory banks, shown in green. Each bank contains 12 memories.  Click on Bank1, Bank2 etc to swap banks. These 'permanent' memories are saved in the Windows Registry across runs of the program and the names of the banks can be customised from the Settings screen.

There are two types of these permanent memories: those set by clicking on the relevant Set Mn box (called click-set memories), and those set by either double-clicking or right-clicking on the memory box (called manually set memories). 

The 'click-set' memories are shown in pale green, and the 'manually set' memories are shown in light brown. 

Once a memory has been manually set you cannot accidentally over-write it by clicking on its associated Set Mn box.  

The reason for the two types is to enable you to specify a name for the frequency, and also to define a repeater offset and CTCSS tone. Most of the rigs do not enable reading of a CTCSS tone by the computer, so we need some way of setting it manually.

To enter a frequency and mode into a click-set memory, first tune to the frequency, then click on its associated Set Mn box. The frequency and mode will then be shown instead of Empty, and the colour will be light green. 

To quickly tune to a specific frequency type it in the Go To box and press enter.

To enter a frequency and mode into a manually-set memory, either double-click or right-click on the desired memory box.

The above window will open and you can set a memory name (default is Click), frequency, mode and optional repeater offset and CTCSS tone. The name and mode will then be shown instead of Empty, and the colour will be light brown. 

To clear a click-set or manually-set memory, double-click on the Set Mn box to the left of the memory you wish to clear. The memory will then show Empty.

To jump to a particular permanent memory frequency and mode, click the appropriate memory box.

When a memory is initially set, it is by default made available for including in a scan of the Bank. If you want to skip the memory from a Bank Scan then right-click on the Set Mem box next to the frequency. The background of the Set Mem box changes to white to indicate it is not to be included in a scan. A second right-click will reset the background to colour and include the memory in a Bank Scan.

To clear a complete memory bank including manually-set memories, click on the green Clear Bank button.