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Tuning using the mouse

Tuning by dragging

The rig can be tuned by clicking on the Spectrum Scan area at the bottom of the screen and dragging the mouse left or right. The left mouse button is coarse tuning, and the right mouse button is fine tuning. You can double the tuning rate by holding down the CTRL button before you click and drag.  

Tuning using the mouse wheel

Alternatively, you can click on one of the tuning rates in the small grid at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and then place the mouse pointer over the up/down scroll buttons. When in this position you can tune using the mouse wheel or by clicking on the up and down buttons.

You may need to change the number of lines the mouse scrolls to make it tune a single step at a time. This is done by using the mouse applet in Control Panel. Adjust the Wheel parameter for the number of lines scrolled to be 1 (the default is normally 3).

Other notes

The FT-1000MP Mark V and FRG-100 have the irritating attribute of muting the receiver when being tuned with CAT commands. You may prefer fine tuning at the rig, and selecting either no polling or a 2 second polling rate from the Options/Polling menu.

For 1 MHz jumps use the light yellow +1 and -1 buttons at the end of the band change group.