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Turning CAT control on/off

Automatic CAT On

When you have chosen a rig type the program will automatically turn 'On' when you start it (if the 'Autostart' checkbox is ticked on the Settings screen). Click the On/Off button at any time to toggle CAT control on and off.

Manual CAT on

If you prefer to have the program start up in the Off state, you can un-tick the Auto Start check-box on the Settings screen in the bottom left-hand corner.

Releasing the COM port to other programs

If you have other programs that use the same Com port, you can release the port to the other program by clicking 'Off', and then when you have stopped the other program, turn it back on again.

Program tracks changes made at the rig

Apart from the VR-5000 every rig is capable of telling the PC what frequency and mode it is operating on. When you turn CAT control On you will get the current frequency and mode shown on the screen.  If you tune the rig, the program will follow your tuning - except for the VR-5000