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Program Settings

Click on the Options menu and choose the Settings command to show the settings screen. 

Choose the appropriate Com port number and speed.   See here for a table of valid speeds by rig type.

Be sure to set the rig and the PC to the same speed, or you will not be able to communicate with the rig.  For compliance with Yaesu's specification the program uses 2 stop bits. Refer to your rig's manual for setting the rig's COM speed. 

Choose a Rig type. 

Choose a Window Size. Provided you are using 'small fonts' in your display settings (which is the usual setting when you install Windows): if you have a 640 X 480 screen size you can choose Small; if you have 800 x 600 you can choose Small or Medium; if you have 1024x768 and above you can choose Small, Medium or Large. The effect is to increase the physical size of the window on your monitor.  If you are using 'large fonts' then Windows needs 25% more 'real estate' to show things, so you are limited to Medium or Small if you have 1024x768 or larger; Small if you have 800x600; and you cannot use 640x480 at all.  If you accidentally use a combination that causes the window to 'overflow' the screen you can recover the situation by temporarily changing your display settings to small fonts, starting FTBCAT and making the screen size either Medium or Small, and then restoring your display settings to large fonts.

Another option available to resolve screen size problems is 'Font Scale'. The default setting is Yes, but you can change this to No. 'No' will prevent the font size from being re-scaled along with the window size.

Tick the Auto Start checkbox if you want the program to start talking to the rig as soon as you run. If you do not tick this box you must click the On/Off button on the main screen to start talking to the rig.

If you have an FRG-100 you can tick the Auto Power Off check box which will power down the rig when you end the program.

When all is set the way you want it, click the OK button.

If you have changed the Font Scale option, exit the program and restart. Other changes are handled 'on the fly'. 

Retrieve FTBasic registry settings

If you have previously had FTBasic V2 installed on your system and have set click-set memories or performed other customisation you can quickly import those settings into FTBCAT. Click the Retrieve button under the FTBasic settings heading and your earlier settings will be applied to FTBCAT. Stop and restart the program for the settings to take effect.