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Multiple rigs and/or configurations

Multiple rigs

FTBCAT supports the operation of multiple rigs at the same time. In addition, each rig may have more than one configuration. Your rigs must be connected to different Comm ports to operate them at the same time, or you can switch them on the same Comm port and operate them in turn.

FTBCAT uses the Windows registry to hold information about a rig's configuration, memory channels etc. Each rig has its own set of registry entries with its own configuration name. You can see the configuration names and the registry entries if you follow the procedure here (but don't delete the entries!).  To see the different sub-keys click on the + to the left of the FTBCAT key-names. To see the contents of a sub-key, click on its name: the related data items are shown on the right-hand part of the screen.

The very first rig configuration has the configuration name FTBCAT.  Other configurations have the name e.g. FTBCAT_FT817A or FTBCAT_FT100.

To set up an additional configuration, or an additional rig, you must first create a new Windows shortcut to FTBCAT. By adding a command-line parameter to the target of the shortcut we can tell the program which configuration to use. For example:

Right-click on the desktop and choose 'New' and then 'Shortcut'.

In the Create Shortcut dialog box click Browse... and then navigate to where you have installed FTBCAT.exe. (this is usually C:\Program Files\FTBCAT).

Click on FTBCAT.exe and then click the Open button

Click the Next button

Type a name for the shortcut in the 'Select a name for the shortcut' text box (e.g. FT817A), and click the Finish button.

Right-click on your new shortcut icon and choose Properties.

Click on the second tab, called Shortcut

In the Target text box you will see the pathname to FTBCAT.exe. We need to add a 'command-line parameter' to this line to tell the program which configuration to use. Click the mouse at the end of the line to de-select it (the blue colour disappears).

Add a space, followed by /CONFIG= followed by a name of your choice (do not include spaces or punctuation characters), e.g. the Target text box now looks like:-

"C:\Program Files\FTBCAT\FTBCAT.exe" /CONFIG=FT817A

Click the OK button to close the shortcut properties box.

To start FTBCAT with this configuration, double-click the shortcut. Notice that the title in the window is FT817A  V2....  This configuration now needs customising as though you had just installed the program for the first time. Set up Rig Type, Comm port number, speed etc.

Multiple computers

If you have multiple computers and want to copy the settings from one machine to another then read on...

The FTBCAT memory banks (and other settings) are stored in the registry, and can be exported to a .reg file using the Windows program REGEDIT. This file can then be imported on another PC

To run REGEDIT click the Windows START button, then RUN; then type in REGEDIT and click OK.

1.   Click the + to the left of HKEY_CURRENT_USER

2.   Click the + to the left of Software

3.   Click the + to the left of VB and VBA Program Settings

4.   Click on the key-name FTBCAT (or, if you have multiple configurations, FTBCAT_configuration_name)

5.   While the key-name is highlighted (blue background) click on the 'Registry' menu item, and then on Export Registry File...

6.   In the Export Range area you should have the radio button 'Selected Branch' chosen and the text in the branch name box should be  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\FTBCAT

7.   Enter a filename in the File Name box, leave the 'Save as type' field as Registraation Files, and click the Save button. The registry entries for the select branch will be written to the chosen filename.

8.   Close the Regedit program.

9.   Copy the .reg file to a floppy disk or something else that can be read on your other machine.

10.   On your other machine start the REGEDIT program, click on the Registry menu and choose the Import Registry File... command.

12.   Navigate the file open dialog box to point to the file from your original machine, then click Open. All of the registry entries are copied. These include button customisation, Com port selection, Speed, memories and so forth.

13.   Close the Regedit program.

When you start FTBCAT and you should have all of the settings, memories etc as were on your original machine.