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Printing is done by either using the File/Print command or the shortcut keys Ctrl+P. The currently displayed tab is printed.

Which columns of the memories display are printed can be controlled using the command 'Select print options...' from the Settings menu. This displays a dialog box which enables you to choose columns to print, choose the size of the top margin and whether to print in landscape or portrait or duplex (if your printer supports duplex).

For the Memories tab, to start printing a new page at a particular memory put the ^ character as the first in the description field e.g. 

  ^this is a description

To print a heading line above memories put the heading text within the < and > characters e.g. 

  <this is a heading line>this is a description

If you want to start a new page and print a heading line then do this:

  ^<this is a heading line>this is a description