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Linking Banks for scanning

The FT-7800 can link banks together for scanning purposes. Refer to the rig's user guide in the section Memory Bank Scan for the way to set this up with the rig.

The banks you link are held on a per Hypermemory basis, so Hypermemory 2 could have banks 2 and 4 linked, whereas Hypermemory 5 could have no banks linked.

FTB7800 shows the state of the current system set-up as well as each Hypermemory. Clicking on the Bank Scan Link tab shows the following screen:

Editing the settings is done by clicking on the relevant checkbox.

The column headed Current Setting is the way the banks are linked the first time the radio is turned on after writing the image to it. The Hypermemory 1 through 5 settings are the ways the banks will be linked if the respective Hypermemory button is pressed.