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A memory management program for the Yaesu FT-7800 FM mobile transceiver.

G R Freeth (G4HFQ)

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Copyright 2004 - 2014 G R Freeth

A screenshot of editing a memory

Change History

V1.4.8 Feb 2014 Add a Settings menu option to not ask 'are you sure' before deleting/removing memories
 Add a Help command to show the repeater information page of the G4HFQ website
 Add an option to calculate the TX frequency when exporting in Custom format
V1.4.7 Aug 2012 Add a new command 'Show a taller grid height' to the Settings menu
V1.4.6 Sep 2011 Rename the default .CSV format to FTB Standard
V1.4.5 May 2011 Add: printer selection dialog; make the row height of the Configuration tab taller.
V1.4.4 Jul 2010 Performance improvement when reading/writing disk files, especially over a network
V1.4.3 May 2010 Minor user interface changes mainly for new users
V1.4.2 Nov 2009 Refreshed with a new 3 year digital certificate; minor internal changes.
V1.4.1 June 2009 Add: add support for importing ADMS V3 .TPE files; add support for up to 32 Com ports.
V1.4.0 Apr 2009 Change: improve compatibility with certain Prolific USB adapters to avoid 8020 errors.
V1.3.9 Mar 2009 Add: an option to the Custom format Export screen to include empty memories in the output file.
V1.3.8 Aug 2008 Bugfix: resolve occasional error 380 problems with customised Windows desktops
V1.3.7 May 2008 Add: a command to save the currently displayed grid as a .TAB file
V1.3.6 Apr 2008 Add: import now follows repeater rules
V1.3.5 Mar 2008 Add: a COM port detector command to assist in specifying the correct port number.
V1.3.4 Nov 2007 Add: on the Repeater Rules window add an option to permit any frequency to be entered, and add Simplex to the Repeater Shift options; cater for an 'international license key'.
V1.3.3 Oct 2007 Add: prevent frequencies between 824-849MHz and 869-894MHz being loaded to memories of US radios. Cell editing improvements: double-click to enter cell edit mode; while editing a cell the Del key acts as a conventional editing key; the TX frequency is automatically cleared when Shift is set to other than Split and is automatically set to the RX frequency when Shift is set to Split; when filling down the TX freq if the value being filled is blank then any Shift setting of Split is changed to Simplex.
V1.3.2 Jul 2007 Add: a choice of 3 font sizes for the grids; Normal (10pt), Larger (11pt) and Largest (12pt).
V1.3.1 May 2007 Add: ability to move 1 or more adjacent memories up or down the grid using F11 and F12; an alternative (and faster) approach to reading the radio that is selectable on the Settings menu.
V1.3.0 Mar 2007 Add: user-customised rules for automatic setting of repeater shift direction and amount
V1.2.9 Feb 2007 Add: option to show/hide empty memories; option to show darker gridlines; paste into a single cell on the memories grid using Shift+Insert keys
V1.2.8 Dec 2006 Add: additional error checking when saving files. Change: use a different software installer program; digitally sign the executable and installer .exe files.
V1.2.7 Nov 2006 Add: new command to choose a folder for storing memory and .CSV files. Change: use a different screen font; Help file format to .CHM.
V1.2.6 Sep 2006 Add ability to export only those memories that have been selected; turn off the Internet Connection feature when writing to the radio.
V1.2.5 Sep 2006 Add: sort only a selected range of rows.
V1.2.4 Aug 2006 Add support for DBCS operating systems; minor visual changes.
V1.2.3 Apr 2006 Add: rig type 76. Bugfix: correct error 6 if importing a record without a repeater offset.
V1.2.2 Mar 2006 Change: the command to show rows in alternate shades has been moved to the Settings menu. Bugfix: correct not printing the Bank Scan Link grid; correct error 6 overflow if trying to set the Active Memory Number in hypermemories on the configuration tab to a value greater than 512.
V1.2.1 Feb 2006 Add: option to permit leading spaces in memory names; editing of four more hypermemory settings.
V1.2.0 Dec 2005 Avoid problem when trying to save over read-only files; add option to show memory grid rows in alternate shades; add command to compact memories and move all empty memories to the end of the grid; add command to completely remove memories and shuffle up subsequent memories.
V1.1.9 Oct 2005 Add Open command to File menu; add Com ports 9-16; add import/export of VX5 and VX6 Commander .CSV files. Bugfix: Correct error 381 if right-click outside the memory grid area.
V1.1.8 Jul 2005 Bugfix: if the last saved file was on a removable device, and on the next restart of the program that device contained no media, then the program failed; fix problem with unusual bank numbers.
V1.1.7 Jul 2005 Add user definable bank column names; add user definable memory column widths; add duplex printing option; add 'List memories Not in any bank' command
V1.1.6 Mar 2005 Remember the size and position of windows.
V1.1.5 Mar 2005 Add rig types 70 and 71; automatically open the last used memory file when starting the program.
V1.1.4 Jan 2005 Change the Export VX-2 and VX-7 Commander routine to always output US/UK format dots and commas. This is regardless of which convention is currently being used by the operating system.
V1.1.3 Jan 2005 Added: Import/Export of VX2 Commander .CSV files
V1.1.2 Dec 2004 Added: First time use message; shortcut Ctrl+I to the Insert memory command
V1.1.1 Dec 2004 Added: Memory print page breaks, section headings and top margin size; only open Com port when reading/writing the radio; easy link to the Download page of the G4HFQ website so you can check for updates; option to hide/show hidden columns when showing both memories and bank columns; Find text and Find next commands to search the memories grid
V1.1.0 Nov 2004 Added: The Description field is now a selectable item for the user-defined Export format; Bank definitions are now included in the .CSV Import/Export file; ADMS FT-7800 .TAB export files can now be directly imported.
V1.0.9 Nov 2004 Bugfix: When inserting/pasting a memory the description field was not properly moved; corrected column heading position error when printing the power column.
 Added: rig type 74
V1.0.8 Oct 2004  Added: 1 level of undo to memory editing; description field for memories; hide/show individual memory columns; selectable memory columns to print.
V1.0.7 Sep 2004 Added: Print of currently displayed grid
V1.0.6 Aug 2004. Changed: When TravelPlus importing, if shift not specified then set it to Simplex
 Bugfix: When importing, correct the wrong setting of Power
 Changed: When importing, if an invalid CTCSS tone found then set it to 100.0
 Bugfix: When importing, a lower case Clk Shift resulted in ON
V1.0.5 May 2004. Bugfix: unable to recognise TravelPlus import header.
V1.0.4 May 2004. Explain rig type editing. Supply sample memories file.
V1.0.3 May 2004. Bugfix: names and banks not sorted properly.
V1.0.2 Apr 2004. Bugfix: enable import of memory names with embedded blanks
 Bugfix: resolve problem translating VX7 power levels to FT-7800 power levels.
V1.0.1 Apr 2004. Bugfix: could not set P1-P4 to TCAL
V1.0.0 Apr 2004. Initial release